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Wordpress Downfalls

We know WordPress is free and also Open Source. This means that it can be great to use for your website but it can also be very limited depending on what you are looking to create for your platform. WordPress provides third-party themes access, plug-ins and widgets to ease the way you create and construct your website. Professional WordPress developers are needed to work through issues related to WordPress plug-ins and widgets. You'll need Los Angeles's Wordpress Design team - CodeTactic Media.

Details to keep in mind when using Wordpress CMS:

Wordpress Updates / Security

WordPress is liable and updates are constantly needed

Maintaining and updating a WordPress website can be challenging. Plug-ins and themes are commonly developed by third parties and this means that they aren't regulated as they should; they may contain unintended malicious code. In adittion to that, there are amateur developers that may use hacked plugins. Nowadays, WordPress is the most hacked website platform in the world. You must keep these details in mind. You need to work with a team of professional developers that know the themes and plug-ins that are reliable. CodeTactic has a guaranteed method to maintain and update WordPress sites. It is automated and secure on Microsofts' Azure platform. CodeTactic takes proactive measures that ensures online asset reliability for Wordpress.

Wordpress velocity & Site traffic

WordPress requires more resources than conventional HTML

WordPress sites take longer to load and if you are looking to have a fully informational site with lots of multimedia, it would definitely take even longer than usual. Furthermore, for each page on your site, Wordpress usually adds unnecessary code which increase the size of your site which ultimately, slows the delivery to your clients' devices. When positioning your site through SEO, your website's load time is crucial for Google's keyword ranking algorithm. Slow sites can impact the way your website showcases to your clients and also, the position you are looking to achieve on Google search engine or any other.Even SEO plugins such as "All-in-one" and "Yoast SEO" only allow certain elements of a site to be optimized. You need the expertise and knowledge of how to use the optimization plugin. In addition, achieving a SEO strategy that actually provides the results you are looking for is much more complex and comprehensive that one might think. Wordpress expertes understand coding to enhance its SEO and delivery speed. CodeTactic has native Wordpress developers that can optimize existing code. We've partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a hosting partner for content rich websites; which gaurantees lightening fast content using its CDN technology.

Wordpress Developers

Are you working with professional developers?

It definitely makes it easy for anyone with minimal computing skills to develop a website using Wordpress cms. Most freelanccers don't have the required HTML knowledge and experience to provide an optimal result for a business. Online businesses need to be able to rely on their designers and developers for their website to always be the main point of contact with clients. A long term relationship forms in order to maintain and update your website. CodeTactic has a proven track record of Wordpress design and development. Our Los Angeles Wordpress Design team is your partner for online success.

CodeTactic Media Inc.

At CodeTactic, we have over 20 years of experience working, mainting and developing Wordpress websites. We have a team of local professional that are fully trained to work with its associated industry plugins, widgets and more. In addition, we offer multiple CMS platforms including Wordpress. There are several pros and cons to using Wordpress for your online platform. If you consider your platfomr is a crucial part of your business, you should definitely consider all your available options. We at CodeTactic can help along the decision process.

Optimized Wordpress Development.

The majority of our clients come to us with existing Wordpress sites that have been hacked or that needs further development. With over 20 years of experience, we understand Wordpress's weaknesses and disadvantages which is why we let every client know before starting a platform using WordPress CMS.

CodeTactic has the experience and expertise to assist you with the decision for a high quality website development. Whether Wordpress is the right plaftom for your project or not, we will help you make this important decision and get your project completed as you are looking for with Wordpress or any other custom CMS platform. Working with Wordpress for many years, we have learned how to handle different difficulties while working and developing a Wordpress site.CodeTactic eliminates the frustration by delivering state of the art security features, automatic plugin updates, as well as alternative CMS solutions to suite your requirements. CodeTactic Media is based in North America and does not outsource clients' work to any third parties. All customization and development are done by CodeTactic in-house.

Give our Los Angeles based team a call at (213) 896 7048 or email us and receive a FREE CONSULTATION from one of our Wordpress and Custom CMS experts.

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